How to extend the term of your loan?

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How to extend the term of your loan.

Nowadays, it is very common to use small loans and credits to deal with unforeseen events that arise on a daily basis, or simply with the aim of being able to enjoy a specific offer or discount.

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If this is your case, and you have ever asked for a quick microloan, you will understand how important it is to keep in mind the day of the repayment of your loan. In Vivus, loans of between 50 and 900 € can be requested with a maximum term of up to 30 days for their return.


But what happens if my loan expires and I do not have the money to pay it back? In Vivus we give you solutions, and that’s why we offer you the term extensions.

What are the term extensions of a loan?

Term extensions are a resource that Vivus puts at your disposal so that you can extend the term of your credit return , and in this way, do not be penalized if you can not pay your loan on the due date.


Example 1: € 300 loan with an extension for 30 more days


How do the term extensions of a loan work?

Term Extensions can be done for 7, 14 or 30 days. Which means, that you can postpone your loan repayment date by 7, 14 or 30 days , counting from the loan due date.

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It is very simple, if you have an open loan, whose end date is May 10, and you want to extend the term by 7 days, you will have to repay your loan on May 17, because this will be your new due date. And most importantly, it does not matter what day you ask for the extension of the term, since it always starts counting from the day your loan expires.

When to use the Term Extensions of a loan?

From Vivus we recommend responsible use of microloans, and we advise you to ask for a quick loan only when you are sure you can return the borrowed money. However, sometimes it can happen that some mistake or unforeseen, prevents us from facing the payment of the loan on the agreed day. It is then the right time to request an extension.

In this way, you extend the date of repayment of your loan and avoid incurring penalties that will cost you more expensive.


Example 2: € 500 loan with an extension for 14 more days


How do I apply for an Extension of a loan?

If you want to extend the term of your loan, the first thing you should do is get in touch with us . For this you have the following options:

  1. You can access your user profile from our website, where you will find a link to extend your credit.
  2. Simply by calling our Customer Service Department at 91-290-77-88 indicating that you wish to use an extension.

In order to extend your due date, you must make a payment that depends both on the number of days of the extension (7, 14 or 30) and the amount of your loan . Both on our website and via telephone, we will inform you without any commitment of the amount established for the extension of your loan.

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This payment must be made at the moment, and to do this, you can do it by card, bank transfer, deposit account, cashier or through your user profile on our website. Here we give you more information on how to pay for term extensions

In short, the term extensions help us avoid unnecessary expenses, are easy and comfortable to pay and do not incur problems with the entity, so that, once the loan is returned we want to request another one, they will not give us any problems!

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