The first plenary session without tripartite government approves the fourth loan modification of 2017

The first plenary session without tripartite government approves the fourth loan modification of 2017

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The full City Council of Alicante has decided to take forward the fourth modification of credits amounting to 487,731 euros that will be allocated to the investments of participatory budgets and the budgets of district boards. The only point of this extraordinary session of the municipal plenary session has gone ahead with the votes in favor of PSPV, Compromís, Guanyar -which are no longer government partners- and Citizens; the abstention of the PP and the non-attached mayor, Fernando Sepulcre, and the vote against the also not attached Nerea Belmonte.

The spokesman of the municipal group of Compromís, Natxo Bellido, who until a few days ago was also spokesman of the government team, announced in the turn of words prior to the vote that they would support the point, and considered that “this is not the plenary where to ask for resignations “, in reference to the request to cease the mayor, the socialist Gabriel Echávarri, for the legal cases in which he is immersed, but he has defended the need to” do self-criticism “, because in his opinion” November is very late to address these issues “related to budgets.

For its part, the spokesperson for Citizens, Yaneth Giraldo, along the same lines as Bellido, has considered that the fourth credit modification “45 days after the end of the year” is being made to distribute funds among district boards, and has demanded to the mayor of Finance, Sofía Morales, “that is not shied away in the adjustment plan or in Montoro”, something that has been labeled as a “hackneyed argument”.

For his part, the spokesman for Guanyar, Miguel Angel Pavón, has also advanced in the turn of speech that his group would issue a vote in favor of the modification of credits since “they incorporate part of the money necessary for the actions selected by the citizen representatives of the five districts. “

Pavón, who has referred to the situation of the mayor and asked him to resign “so that the City regains the lost dignity”, pointed out that the previous tripartite government team, of which he was a part, “managed to increase the budget of the district councils “and criticized the head of the Treasury that” the opportunity to include a salary supplement for young people “has been” wasted “within the Avalem Joves Plus program of the Generalitat.

Likewise, Pavón has criticized that, after the departure of his group and that of Compromís as a result of the refusal of Echávarri to resign for the cause related to the splitting of Commercial contracts and the other of the presumably irregular dismissal of a municipal employee sister-in-law of the spokesman of the PP, “in this government in absolute minority that we suffer do not know if they will have time for this supplement and other skills,” he asserted.

However, the leader of Guanyar Alacant has assured that “for the responsibility and respect to the neighbors who have approved these investments” of the participatory budgets and the district boards “will vote in favor”, he pointed out.

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For his part, the spokesman of the Popular Party, Luis Barcala, said during his speech that Compromis and Guanyar “have been making opposition all this time, but now it is official”, so he said they are “welcome” to the opposition. Thus, regarding the modification of credits, Barcala has indicated that it is “the result of a disastrous management of the budgets of this extripartite” that, in his opinion, led to the approval of the “late” budgets.

Thus, the spokesman of the PP has considered that the point to approve in the plenary of this Thursday is “a toast to the sun”, as he has assured that “the district councils have been recognizing that they were sending” the projects to the Councilors and that in the areas “they were not valued”, he indicated.

For his part, Bellido has responded to the criticism of the opposite bloc and stressed that “it is not full to ask for resignations” but to talk about “what the public is interested in,” and in that sense he said that ” in two minutes of opposition we have made more proposals than you throughout the legislature. “

In addition, he has asserted that in Compromis they make “self-criticism with courage” and in this regard he trusts that the PSOE and Guanyar “do the same”, while he has told Barcala that “it is not an alternative” and urged him to make a motion of censorship or “shut up,” he pointed.

Guanyar’s spokesman has also responded to the leader of the PP saying that they are “defending the general interest of citizens, in government and in opposition,” in this regard has indicated that they do not know “what interests serve other groups”, and in response to Barcala asked him if he “remembers what happened with the investments” when he was part of the previous governments of the PP, because in the opinion of Pavón, at that time “did not run.”

Finally, the non-attached mayors have each voted in a sense. Nerea Belmonte, former Guanyar Alacant, has considered that “it can be said that it is harmful” that the point of the agenda does not prosper, but “it is more damaging that the mayor does not resign”, as he has justified his particular vote. For his part, former Citizen Fernando Sepulcre has said he would support the point but has been “missed by the bench before him,” and has asserted that “this is still a chaos.”


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