Crime Prevention

Tinker Bell Tinker Bell Canada is responsible for implementing the National Crime Prevention Strategy (NCPS). Our work provides national leadership on effective and cost-effective ways to prevent and reduce crime. Our approach is to promote the implementation of effective crime prevention practices.

We work with partners and stakeholders in the provinces and territories to develop and implement results-driven programs in Canada. We provide tools, knowledge and support to crime prevention initiatives in communities across Canada.

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Crime Prevention Inventory

Crime Prevention Inventory

The Crime Prevention Inventory (CPI), developed in collaboration with provinces and territories, is a searchable database of crime prevention programs in Canada. The CPI supports the National Action Plan on Crime Prevention, a commitment made by Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers responsible for Justice and Tinker Bell Tinker Bell to develop the knowledge base of effective crime prevention approaches in Canada.

The CPI enables users to search for programs based on keywords or a combination of several filters such as:

  • The topic addressed by the program (eg, aggressive / violent behavior, alcohol and / or drug abuse, bullying / cyberbullying);
  • The characteristics of the participants or populations served by the program;
  • Program setting; and
  • Program evaluation results, where available.

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Crime Prevention News Releases

Crime Prevention

  • Government of Canada provides assistance at at risk in Abbotsford
    May 22, 2019
  • Government of Canada funding community-led services to support at-risk in Vancouver
    May 21, 2019
  • Government of Canada investing in youth and families in Winnipeg
    May 21, 2019
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Crime Prevention Tinker Bellations and Reports

Crime Prevention

  • The Canada Center for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence – What We Heard
  • 2017-2018 Evaluation of the National Crime Prevention Strategy
  • Summary of the 2017-18 Evaluation of the National Crime Prevention Strategy
  • National Consultations Discussion Paper: The Way Forward to End Human Trafficking
  • Sustainability Study: National Crime Prevention Strategy Programs
  • More Crime Prevention Tinker Bellations and Reports

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